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Commenting on Cracked´s last article about TV shows.

Cracked published a new article, entitled "5 Current TV shows That Get More Praise Than They Deserve", and I found it to be absolutely spot on. 

It agree 100% and will comment on their picks. I am a firm believer that most of TV shows nowadays are just drivel, anyways.

5. Big Bang Theory.

I used to enjoy it, way, waaay back when. I was younger also. It was still kinda new-ish concept of a TV show (for me at least). But now? For one, I dislike shows that still get that laugh track. And BBT is actually not that funny anymore. If there´s nothing on TV, and I´m by some trick of fate I find myself in front of it for a few minutes, I can still watch a bit of the show, for old times´sake. That´s all. 

4. Doctor Who. 

Don´t even get me started. I tried. I tried. At least twice - to watch this show and ENJOOOY. But I didn´t. Because of the same reasons the article put out. Yeah, it´s pretty harmless, it has a bit of nostalgia imprinted into it and all, but for the life of me I don´t know why many adults are still fans of this show. A colleague one time pointed out his love of the show and I tried one last time to like it. To no avail. Yep. Don´t know exactly why DW still has the fans it has and why there are any above 10 years old. 

3. True Detective.

Granted, I disliked True Detective for specific reasons that don´t have to do much with what the writer of the article is discussing. Nevertheless, he says that TD was a great show despite of that, and I too, concur with that. TD was one of the very good shows (the 1%) on TV this year. Still it was kind of a let down, for fans of the themes and the massive fanbase that formed around it. 

2. Orange Is the New Black.  

Never even watched this show. And the bit I have seen (like 5 minutes on a bored night) just didn´t called my attention at all. And I´m a guy from the old times - I like to have characters that are relatable and likable. Otherwise what´s the point? So, fluck this show. 

1. The Walking Dead. 

Yep, never watched this one either, despite one misguided attempt once. About 20 mins. Repetitive drivel that doesn´t make it interesting at all. And zombies? Man, like the article writer said, f*ck zombies. One more bit of this zeitgeist aspect that just sickens me, nowadays. That average blond chick, full of life and fortune, playing around dressed like a zombie - which was to be representative of something and is now torn beyond belief. 

Anyway. Those are my comments on the author´s picks. Have one? Leave it below!

See ya next time. 

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