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I can´t get into Game of Thrones as welll, Pete Holmes!

I was watching this video about Pete Holmes not getting into the famous show "Game of Thrones". And when I was watching I thought that I should have more supporters out there on the web, so I decided I gave it more power. 

The fact of the matter is, I don´t dig much the old sword and cape fantasies of yore in the mold of Lord of the Rings and Co. This is not to bash on the capactity, ability of the people involved, authors and everything, of these books, and shows, and movies, etc, not at all. It´s just that the theme of it all, just seem so old and out of place! It seems so dated. 

A bit of explanation might be interesting here. Growing up in the westernized world, I´ve been presented my fair share of adventures on far, medieval lands, full of color and wonder. And, for a time, I admit, I played the part. It was one of the types of RPG´s I experienced, and for a time, I actually enjoyed it. My first real, complete, 200+ page fiction story was a medieval type of fantasy setting. 

I read the Lord of the Rings´ books and I saw all three movies, more than once for each of them. Ditto with some of C.S Lewis' works, the Narnia books. And some other, even more classical ones, like "the Sword and the Stone", etc. 

So, I know my fair share of it. I don´t know if I just grew out of it, because the truth is, I can´t stand anymore fantasy of that kind. It seems to me that it doesn´t have any philosophical depth to it, and it´s just at best wish fulfilment, and at worst, a bunch of idiotic nonsense and propaganda. Of course, this is not a serious critical review of any of those works previously mentioned, it´s just one guy voicing the first things that come to mind. 

But the fact is I can´t stand things like that anymore. It just seem that it´s too stiffled, too unreal, without being at the same time surreal, deep and thought provoking. It just seem to be saying the same old same old stuff again and again. And I got tired of that. 

So, enter Game of Thrones a few years ago. And no matter how I look at it, it just seem like the same old tropes rehashed again and again. Sure it tries to top the other, more prude shows, like Lord of the Rings, by showing an endless parade of sex, nudity and overall "boobage", and being out there with its themes, being, dare I say, darker than the overall medieval show. I don´t know how dark, because I actually never watched even one full episode. But I didn´t because I can´t even make myself do it. I can´t. My brain can´t take anymore this medieval propaganda bullshit, with the swords and the battles, and props, and all of this, this is just too fake for me. 

That´s not to say that I don´t like anything that happens in a medieval-ish setting. Things like the tales of China Mieville, that happens in places akin to what would be a steampunk setting - a little bit more advanced than a merely medieval setting - those kind of things are very interesting. But it´s not because they are showing medieval-ish cities, or people, or customs, or english people talking during strange meetings and uttering strange nouns (Mother of Dragons! Lord of Light! ... Whatever!), the whole point of those stories is to deal with something else, it´s to deal with the weird, the bizarre, the otherworldly, and that´s what´s interesting. Medieval tales to hear about the conquest of a kingdom of smiths by a kingdom of johns is something I don´t care about, at all. 

So, yeah, I also can´t get into Game of Thrones, and those type of shows, and in fact I wouldn´t want to get into those. 

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