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[Movie Review] The Prisoners - 2013.

This movie is one of the most amazing movies I´ve ever seen, ever. It starts with an old premise: children kidnapping. But how it turns out, and most of all, the atmosphere of it all, it´s just well-done. 


I´m gonna take this directly from wikipedia:
"Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) and his family attend a Thanksgiving dinner at the house of their neighbors, Franklin and Nancy Birch; that afternoon, both families' young daughters, Anna Dover and Joy Birch, go missing. A police hunt finds an RV which had been parked outside the house, and when Detective David Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) tries to confront the driver, Alex Jones (Paul Dano), he attempts to escape, but is arrested."

First of all, what to say about the character of Jake Gyllenhaal in this movie. Amazing. The guy is an amazing actor, and it shows. Plus, Detective David Loki is one of the most interesting detectives I´ve ever seen on screen. Please give us more of him. He has it all. The circumspection, the emotionless tone, the cryptic tattoos. 

The tone, the atmosphere of it all, is just another great aspect. It´s a movie with bleak landscapes, heavy rain and cold. You can almost feel the tension in the ambience. 

All in all, one thriller movie to stand out. 

What is not so good?

Hugh Jackman´s character in this movie is a huge jackass, pun intended. Sure, in the end, he almost quite get his comeuppance for being a prick, but that´s it. I haven´t simpathize with his character one bit at all. He is a dick to everyone involved in the movie, including his own family, the police force in general, everyone. And yes, he is not only a dick, he in fact becomes a straight up criminal by the end of it. But yeah, his character was one of the downsides for me. Yes, they needed a father who would do anything and become a straight up dick, the end, it didn´t made me happy to see the downfall, specially because he was hurting the very people who were trying to fuck*ng help him - police, family, friends. 

But anyway. 

This, in fact, reinforces the message of the movie, which is prison. The kids were being held against their will, prisoners in one sense. The Alex Jones´character was a prisoner of his own, in his own head. Hugh Jackman´s character was a prisoner of all the feelings he had towards everyone - anger, and all. And by the end of the movie, he became a real prisoner, and, if the movie went on, he would respond by the kidnapping and torturing of Alex Jones, becoming a real prisoner. And so on and one, the motif of a maze, and of people being imprisioned is another thing that speaks highly of this movie, that managed to get a symbolical aspect of it all, as well. 

So kudos. 

And great movie. Definitely recommended. 

Positive points:
- Great Atmosphere;
- Great Cinematography;
- Great main character/detective;

Negative points:
- Keller Dover;

Rating - 5 crows.

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