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'True Detective' - not exactly a review yet, but...

What to say about this one?

Well, let´s start from the beginning. I was at my girlfriend´s house, looking at the TV and then I saw a promo of True Detective, on the HBO channel. I thought - really thought, no bullshit here - that it looked great, at the time. It had this gritty feel, mixing the old age buddy cop and whodunit dramas, and I really thought it looked great and all - there was one scene with some birds flying in formation that caught my attention and everything - but I probably wasn´t gonna watch it anyway. 

You see, I was kinda tired of the same old same old drama and buddy cop and detective dramas. If you just look by the genre distinction, how many of those you got? Like almost a million? I´m pretty sure it must be around that number...

Anyway, I decided to watch it at most casually, you know, like one of those shows that we maybe catch on TV if it´s already on, and there´s nothing else that suits our particular interests. The turning point, for me, came when a friend sent an e-mail with a scene from the show, an youtube clip. 

Since the particular scene touched upon some notes I really delve into, philosophical and all, I decided to give it a shot. And I´ve been hooked since then. 

Well, maybe not since the first episode, though it is, REALLY GOOD. But after I saw the second, I could´t wait for the third, and then I saw the third and I want desperately to see the next one. So, I guess I´m hooked, after all, right?

The show, to me, is one of the best pieces of television I have ever watched. Even more so, when we talk television per se. In movies, we have some different experiences, but on TV, not so much. And this really is, for me, a breakthrough in that sense.

Not because it is, you know, a great show, but because the philosophy one of the main characters discuss, every episode, it´s one of the greatest things to be ever found on a TV show, ever. Even people who are not directly pessimists, or nihilists, or what have you, are talking about the amazing performance of Matthew Mcconaughey on the role of detective Rustin Cohle. Well, it´s not just Matthew who is doing a great job, but everybody, together, cast and crew, are really upping the game on this one.

It´s (kinda?) early to say where it´ll go, now, with only three episodes (as of now), but one thing is for sure, I enjoy watching, the characters are great, it has a great pace, great ambience, and for now, Rustin Cohle is running for the title of best (as in, crazy and creepy - the good kinds of crazy and creepy, right?) TV detective since Fox Mulder and Dale Cooper, in my opinion.

So, let´s wait and see, but for now, definitely a great show, and definitely recommended. 

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  1. I find discouragement however in Nic Pizzolatto, the executive producer / writer, his statement between 4:36 and the actress speaking in "About True Detective (HBO)". I sense a bitter aftertaste.

    1. Right?

      It seems that things may be too good to be true:


  2. What I find amazing about HBO’s “True Detective” is that pessimistic ideas are finally gaining some expression in American corporate media, even if that articulation is somewhat mangled. I am frankly astonished that some allusions to that great horror classic, “A King in Yellow”, are manifested right in a mass-market TV series.

    1. This is what brought me to watch this series as well. It´s almost surreal that it is happening, as you said, in a mass-market TV show.


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