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[Anime Review] Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle (Second Season)

The second season of this anime is not bad, but I also fear it´s not prize winning good, either. 

My review of the first season is here

Technical info about the anime you find here


Ok, Kaito and his friends continue their everlasting journey to puzzle away, which in a sense, it´s good, but the overall development of the plot I guess is a bit lacking. This time, the bad guys are not the Puzzle of God (POG) guys, but the 'Orpheus Order', a group of people that puzzle away, like the guys of POG, but are hell bent on trying to liberate humanity with the use of the Orpheus armbands (and other things) seen in the first season.


Ok, I get that Phi Brain is first and foremost, a shonen anime series, and most of its 'bad' parts sprout from this very fact. 

The fact that, for instance, people just focus on Kaito all the time, for instance. It´s all Kaito, Kaito, Kaito, Kaito, Kaito, Kaito, Kaito, Kaito... everywhere, everytime. The 'villains' all speak about Kaito, and frankly, by this much episodes, I, pushing 30 - definitely not on the target demographic for this anime - am sick of Kaito Daimon. 

It´s not like you don´t have other good characters to cheer to - you do. And that´s the worst part - all the good characters are there to SUPPORT Kaito. These kind of animes should be called "Kaito and friends" or something like that. They are incredibly intelligent and talented, but they are all just sucking their thumbs waiting for Kaito to come and solve everything, because he is DA BOMB!

I mean, c´mon. It´s one of the reasons Dragon Ball sucks so much - they take good, likeable characters and transform them in punching bags for the enemies, it´s ridiculous. They do it so the great one, only manly man guy can come and save the day (and the little kids get to chant his name while watching at home, like a cartoon mantra). That´s stupid, really. At least, call your anime right when you do that. Naruto is stupid - but at least the anime is called Naruto (even when it´s one of the least offenders in this category), so it´s excused when it makes the story revolves around Naruto. The same can be said of Saint Seiya, and others. 

But this one is called Phi Brain, not 'Kaito is awesome', so I was expecting a little more action from the other characters, who, in this season, more than the previous one, just stand there and let Kaito try and solve puzzles alone, while just... standing there. 

That being said, there are some good stuff - like for instance, the way they portray the bad guys as being only misguided, for instance, but in the end, they are all in the same side, just misunderstood people in different sides. That is ok, I guess. At least is different, so it is ok. 

There are some scenes, and some puzzles that amuse us. For instance, in one of the episodes, there´s a reunion of Kaito (again...) and his friend, turned enemy, turned friend again Rook Banjo Crossfield (this is a silly name, seriously) and he comes to solve a puzzle with Kaito, and it is pretty badass, the whole scene. Mainly because it takes away a bit of the spotlight from Kaito, I guess. In the end, it amuses with some scenes, but it fails to be a good entertainment if you are above a certain age, I guess. 

I gave Phi Brain a positive review the first time, because it was something new, a new kinda fresh flavor, in this whole ninja-explosions-supernatural-twiligth-esque-mix and so-so-stories-with-panties-showing-girls that is the anime scene these days. 

But, for instance, there´s a scene, in one of the last episodes, that goes like this - the guy comes and sees the villain, and the villain does something to escape, and instead of the guy just punching the way through it, he just, turns around and try to find another route to catch the 'bad guy'. It´s ludicrous. The distance they go so it can be clear that these people only fight with puzzles is ridiculous. I don´t think there´s even the slightest contact of two enemies, not even a little push. I am not one to delight myself with only slugfests, but c´mon. Try to be realistic here...

I´m not the one to incite violence... but c´mon. 
... or not. Like I said, it´s a shonen anime, created by a TV studio that wants to educate children on how amazing puzzles and learning and all this is. So it does what it proposed to do. And I guess that is okay. 

Positive Points:

- Some scenes are thrilling;
- The brain power and puzzles are exciting to watch;

Negative Points:
- Too much focus on the protagonist;
- Excessive number of silly situations; 

Rating - 2 crows.

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