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[Anime Review] Mushishi Special: Hihamukage

Image from the Manga of Mushishi, taken from
Wikipedia. *
Oh boy. Oh boy. 

So yeah. That happened. Mushishi came back. Who knew? Well, maybe a lot of people knew, but I didn´t and I fuck*ng love this anime, nay, WORK OF ART, that is Mushishi. (I already discussed the TV series here!)

Techinal info, as always, can be found here


This time is a special, a 40+ minutes long special, which means good animation - better than it normally is, on the TV series. It is about, of course, a mushi that creates some trouble, as it happens on the TV series as well. Ginko has to save the day, and he does. That´s about what happens, overall.


But Mushishi never was about the direct deepness of the plot itself - it is about the development of it, the development of the characters, and the way it all mix together in an incredible piece of storytelling. 

Mushishi is... amazing. I really don´t know how to classify how amazing. There´s the whole thing with the main character´s (Ginko) charisma, something to do with the fact the he seems so out of the ordinary, so inhuman, like a man out of his time and space, and yet, is calm and helpful towards everyone. There´s something about the way the story is told also. It focuses on personal and relational dramas, but those are not overplayed or overused, they are given just enough screen time to bloom intro amazing stories. Not overly dramatic, they talk about human existence, in the exactly right spot. It´s like, if there´s a balance to measure how well stories reflect human life, while being at the same time, about something else, the perfect balanced point would consist of stories like Mushishi. 

Mushishi is a calm, and paced anime. So, don´t expect explosions, things flying out at your face, and gimmicks of any kind. It is what it is and it is telling a story. It´s clear as that as it can be. Some anxious people can have a hard time, in the beginning, to adapt to the kind of paced storytelling that Mushishi is, but fortunately, that doesn´t last if the person wait enough, for Mushishi has this amazing capacity to bring you deep inside the story and make you feel for the characters, their personal dramas and so on (for the most part, anyway). 

Mushishi is, what I like to call, philosophical anime. I don´t know if there is a genre yet, for this, but for me, it is exactly that. Even its dramas are about existentialism, their 'horror' is philosophical horror, surreal, otherworldly, like its very creatures, the mushi

I wasn´t expecting Mushishi to be out again in animation form, so for me, this was an amazing thing. Quite unexpected and very amazing. 

If you are at lost of what to watch, and would like some serious storytelling while at that, don´t be afraid, choose Mushishi. It is on the top of the top for, as it always have been. 

Positive Points: 
- Calm, paced storytelling;
- Dramatic, yet not over the top;
- Great animation and imagery;
- Great mythology;
- Great protagonist;

Negative Points:
- Zero;

Rating - 5 crows

*Image is not my property and being used here non-commercially, to illustrate and reference the work of art that is Mushishi. 

3 comentários:

  1. Negative Points:
    - Not a second season of episodes;

    After I had watched the series, I couldn't but recommend it to my brother and cousin who are into anime and manga. That, and a sadness that there wasn't more of it: the mysterious story twists spurred by the mushi come closer to dreams and nightmares than any genre I could name.

    1. Hi Bazompora,

      Can´t recommend Mushishi enough. Been in love with it since I first saw it in the lost days of 2010. Srikant also likes it very much. I think Mushishi appeal to our kind of wavelenght!

      Rumor has it that a new batch of episodes are being prepared and on the verge of release. Let´s wait and see, right?

      Cheers dude

    2. Your analysis and words about it, are spot on!


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