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[Manga Review] Hellstar Remina by Junji Ito

Another great work my horror mangaka/writer artist Junji Ito, Hellstar Remina is an apolyptical story that keeps us enthralled since the first page.  

In this one, one of the earliest works by Junji Ito, the story begins in the future, and the Earth is already seeing some strange technology, like phone watches, and jetpacks. Despite this scenario, which has little to do with the overall story, we can recognize some of his traits at work. 

The story goes like this (don´t need to mention that there are spoilers) - one scientist discovers a star, that suddenly appears on the observable spectrum of our universe, 16 light years away. He hypothesizes that the previous unobservable star was like this because it came from an wormhole, from another universe. The star display some odd behavior, like orbiting at different velocities, and changing the rate of its movement. The scientist who made the discovery is granted to right to name the star/planet, so he calls it Remina, the name of his only daughter, who is, coincidentally, 16 years old, presumably born around the day that the star/planet appeared on the observable spectrum. 

So she became famous for it, and boy how that doesn´t pay off. For the star, begining with its odd behavior patterns, turns its attention (!!) to Earth, and begins to come here, destroying and consuming planets on its way. 

So people begin to freak out about the impeding doom of Earth, and they turn on Remina herself, and her father, for supposedly bringing this upon Earth. She has to flee for her life, from the mob, while everything goes to hell pretty fast. 

I already mentioned it is an apocalyptic story, but, as noted elsewhere, a bit more upbeat than his other works, and that´s strange, because how can an story about the apolycapse be upbeat right? Well, it is so, in relation to his other works. I particularly found Uzumaki to be incredibly exhausting and tiring, and by the end, we feel we can no longer go on, along with the main character, such are the horrors she has to face. In this one, we get a little bit "lighter" because we feel that, despite the odds, we have a "hero" that guides the characters to safety, whatever it may be, considering the destruction of the earth. 

As other works by Junji Ito, we feel that humanity is also the problem. There´s something wrong with the world, right, and existence, but also, humanity. Humanity does its far share of contribution to the lunatic, deeply grim existence that is a Junji Ito story. So much so, in fact, that we can´t bring ourselves to feel good about some of the deaths that occur in his tales, given that the characters that receive them are so wicked and strange (in a "bad" way). 

Anyway, another great work that delivers not only the horrors, but creepiness of a Junji Ito´s tale. Deserving of its place as a great work of art. 

Positive Points:

- Brief, to the point storytelling;
- Great graphics;
- Awesome storyline;
- Interesting concept;

Negative Points:
- Not so much: the story is kinda goofy in some aspects, with some parts played beyond what is considered creepy, so much as to enter "what the hell" or "funny" territory;

Rating - 4 crows

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