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Review - Movie - 'Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust'.

I personally enjoyed much of 'Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust'. It´s a rather good, animated movie, with an enjoyable (for the most part) protagonist. 

The atmosphere is rich with a full world right in front of the viewer. This movie is based on the creation of the world from Hideyuki Kikuchi, who writes novels about this world and the central character, 'D', and that´s why we feel like there is much history behind the scenes that are shown to us, that they are not thrown in there just for the hell of it. 

The setting is one of the best to these kinds of stories: it mixes adventure with a bit of gothic - it´s the year 12.000 something A.D., and the world is a mess. Apocalypse has hit it hard, plus, hey, vampires and monsters are all around, now. But, when the movie - and the novels, if I get correctly - take place, even the vampires are dwindling, and leaving earth for the most part. 

In this movie, we get the story of a vampire who is allegedly kidnapping a girl, and then, titular 'Vampire Hunter (called) D', goes after him, followed by a group of mercenaries as well, in case he fails (which, hint, he doesn´t ever - but more of that in a bit). 

The atmosphere is incredible. We have this incredible tone of gothic mixed in with end of days futurism, with some great shots of bridges, huge antennas and structures left behind in the old world, before all the wars that ravaged the place. All the vampires (on this movie) are of the classical variance, with chariots, huge castles, the whole shebang. Plus we have all kinds of monsters as well, all very interesting, very weird - don´t even get me started on this version of a werewolf. But it is refreshing to see new takes on the concepts, sometimes. 

The central character is called "D" for short, presumably (I guess, I haven´t read much of the novels or anything) because he is a damphir, a vampire human hybrid, (and also) son of Dracula himself. Personally, I enjoyed much of it, but the part about being son of Dracula, I mean... why? But at the same time, why not? There´s some interesting bits though, with this character. He has a kind of a symbiotic organism that lives in his body and manifests himself in his left hand, a very witty and sarcastic organism at that, that talks and makes fun of him as well. It is a very interesting character. 

The one thing that I truly don´t enjoy about 'D'? The way his character is portrayed as a powerhouse. Honestly, I don´t know if the movie intended to have various scenes of combat in it and everything (I guess not), but it seems to me that D doesn´t even flinch when attacking anyone. It honestly takes about two seconds for him to finish off the werewolf guy. It never seems that he has any difficulties fighting anybody at all. An invincible character doesn´t get me this much interested. Nobody is a challenge for him, not even full bred vampires (hell, least of all full-blown vampires, if he hunts them for a living). It´s like, whenever he gets close to an enemy, you know the adversary is going to lose. And that´s disappointing, if it´s happening all the time. Plus, the demeanor is also everything. If your character has this air of "I´m invincible" all the time, you kind lose interest in the struggle, or the conflict, because you know that there´s hardly going to be any conflict at all.

I could go on, but I believe this review is already long as it is.  

Anyway, measuring the pros and cons, I still found Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust interesting and entertaining. Definitely recommended. So, there´s a tip for you.

Positive Points:
- A bit of the Gothic touch;
- Hey, vampires!
- Hey, monsters of all kinds!
- Apocalyptic scenario and storytelling;
- Interesting concepts;

Negative Points:
- We feel it drags a bit on the middle, but just a bit;
- Overpowered character; or what has been agreed on to be called Marty Stu;

Rating - 3 crows.

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  1. wow horror movie. the heading alone makes me shiver.

    1. Hi Emmanuel, no worries man, it´s an animated piece, and the tone is fantastic, there is some violence and fighting but the normal amount we find in anything else.

      Thank you for commenting!


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